Fun Times and Facepaint

So, after Boxing Day, I was feeling a little exuberant and decided to hit the online sales with my Christmas monies. After perusing the various offerings of the interwebs, I came across the Lime Crime website and realised that they had a truly excellent sale on – of course, I decided to jump on it like a starving mountain lion.

Even though it came all the way from the States, my little package arrived really quickly without any issues. And oh my, what a package it was:


Is that not the MOST adorable packaging you’ve ever seen? I ordered a few things – namely, an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a liquid eyeliner, all at drastically reduced prices. So here are my thoughts on the aforementioned items. (Please note – I epically suck at taking photos, so please excuse my general rubbishness…)


First up, the eyeliner. This is Lime Crime’s liquid liner in the shade Reason – it’s a very well pigmented metallic silver. The tube was a little smaller than I’d anticipated, but I kind of love that – it makes for easier application, and besides, as far as I’m concerned, the smaller something is, the cuter it is (well, when it comes to inanimate objects, anyway).

It applies very easily with a classic brush applicator  – I usually don’t love these, and prefer a felt tip style, but this one worked a treat, being neither too flimsy or too bulky. The eyeliner itself is of medium viscosity, not crossing the line to too runny while still being liquid enough to apply without exerting too much force. In the past, I’ve had issues with metallic liners being too translucent, but this one is pleasantly pigmented. My only issue is that some of the bristles of the brush applicator arrived bent back , which could potentially be problematic.



Next up, I bought one of the iconic Unicorn lipsticks in the shade Chinchilla – I have lusted after this for a LOOOONG time, as I have a deep love for grey-tinged purples in all aspects of my life. As it was down to under £5, I kinda had to grab it. Right?

The packaging is freaking adorable, but I guess that goes without saying…! I was deeply impressed with the colour itself – my biggest issue with greylacs (greyish-lilacs – I’m such a wordsmith) has been that they are too light and make me look pretty corpselike; being ill 24/7, facial deathliness isn’t something I want to play up particularly, seeing as I look highly cadaver-esque on my own. This is a mid-to-dark greylac, and worked well against my light/neutral skintone, especially when deepened with a lipliner (Nyx liner in the shade ‘Never’).

The formulation was satin-to-matte, which meant it stayed put on my lips pretty well without being super drying (which is a big issue for me and my weird desert lips).  That said, I wouldn’t be buying this again unless it were at a similarly low price – although the colour is great and very unique, the packaging feels a bit flimsy and the formulation of the lipstick isn’t anything to write home about.



Now, THIS. THIS is what I got excited about. It’s the Venus II palette, and it looks like it was packaged by Michelangelo – I’m deeply in love. I have a real problem with collecting eyeshadow palettes – they are basically my favourite makeup item – and I had a deep desire to add this one to my collection. OK, so the packaging was a solid part of my attraction, but also the shades of the shadows themselves…


Please let me apologise for my DREADFUL swatching. I’m trying to improve.

So, there are 8 good sized eyeshadows in this palette, all varying in tone but sticking to the theme of early 90s grunge (which is my jam, for sure). The box is magnetised and a cute chunky size (without being over-large) and it has a decent sized mirror in it – although, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve EVER used the mirrors included in eyeshadow palettes. It’s good to know they’re there, though.

The shadows themselves are a mix of matte and shimmer shades. From top left, the names are Pigeon, Filter, Marsh, Mustard, Fly, Jam, Mud and Boot. I’m in-freaking-love with virtually all of them, although Filter (matte cornflower blue, second from top left) came off a bit chalky and isn’t quite my cup of tea when it comes to eyeshadows. Pigeon, Marsh, Mud and Boot are probably my favourites, and they do seem fairly unique – none of my current palettes have dupes of these shades available. It’s a really impressive range of tones for an eight-shade palette, and I think this is a good ‘makeup investment’ – which is TOTALLY A Thing.



OK, so I have to apologise again for my shoddy photographic abilities – but in this picture I’m wearing the liner, lipstick and shades from the palette above. My eyes aren’t exactly visible… I should have taken a closeup. Sorry! But Chinchilla is making a reasonably good showing, and I hope you can see what I mean about it actually being a very wearable shade.

I know there’s quite an anti-Lime Crime feeling in the online makeup-fanatic-community, and it’s for very good reason. I wouldn’t buy these full price, and I am always on the lookout for dupes. HOWEVER, I was deeply infatuated with Venus II and I wanted it – I can only apologise that I keep catering to my aesthetic whims. I will add, though, that if they tested on animals, I wouldn’t have even thought twice – I’m not cool with that.

But, as it stands, they did alright. I love the eyeshadow, and like the other two products (even though they are retailed at far too high a price).

Happy face-painting, kids.

Rachel Rabbit


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